Puppies are born

We got 5 puppies and our O litter 2020 is born 
Briska's Odessa we will keep in the Briska's Kennel 
In total it was 3 females and 2 males , they will have lots of nationalities 
Sweden - Norway - Holland - France and Denmark 114588276_945619865954465_2795180057961528918_o

Puppies will be born in summer

We have mated Henna and hope for many puppies 

Briska's Henna is mated

Briska's Henna is mated and we will do x-ray the 6 July, 2020. 
We hope for many puppies 


Congratulation H Litter

Hutch & henna

Thanks Elly for the picture 

Niro on Dogshow

Briska's Niro on Puppy Show in Hässleholm, Sweden 
Best dobermann puppy    Beat all the "showdogs" ;) that is a nice for a working dobermann breeder  
Handler: Anna-Lotta
Honorable Judge: Pernilla Sandsrröm


Love is in the air


Briska's Lux on training

Briska’s Lux on training in Finland. Looking good Kari Ruokola💪💪
lux1 lux4
Photos by Sarah Ånäs

N-Litter is Born

N-litter is born!! My new star is born 
Briska's Nicole and Niro - 1 female and 1 male 
You can find more info here>>

This 2 is going to stay in our kennel 


Briska’s Henna is expecting puppies in end of June

We har happy to say that Henna is pregnant and expecting her puppies to be born in the end of June. The trip to Spain 🇪🇸 was a success. We have new friends and it was really nice to see the male in training that are the father of our puppies. Ascomanmid Vidar 👍


Love is in the air ♥️

Read more about our N-litter in the menue on the left

Mating is in progress in Spain between our ♥️♥️ Henna and Luca ♥️♥️


We are planning for next litter

Read more under Planned Litter 2019 and N-Litter

Congratulation to our F-litter

Pitcure is taking by Elly Elsenaar and on Briska's Fumi 

Puppies M-litter


Puppies on the way - Planned Feb 8

Puppies on the way   Planned litter Febr 8, 2019
More info here>>


IPO Seminar with Viorel Scinteie

IPO Seminar with Viorel Scinteie in Torhamn, Sweden.

If you havent had the oppurtunity to attend on a seminar with Vio then I can absolutely recommend you to do it. 
Thanks Vio for your help and inputs to approve my training and continue to next goal of mine!!
Thanks to all that attended on the seminar and Carina Lundin that done all the coordination work 


 Pictures from the seminar 

Briska's Henna>>

Briska's Lexi>>



Briska-s Henna IPO 3

Today did Anna-Lotta and Briska´s Henna IPO3 in SK Stehag. We had lots of supporters on place both from Germany, Norway, our training group and club members was there. Briska´s Henna did the best protection work of all 8 dogs  93 points so proud of Henna henna 31
We looking forward to next goal   

Briska´s Kaspar BH

Congratulation to John and Briska´s Kaspar "Bowie" that did a good BH in Stehag club
Looking forward to follow you
john bh (2) 

New uploaded pitcures of Briska´s Fumi

New uploaded photos on Briska's Fanny's beautiful sister   Briska's Fumi   
Owner: Elly Elsenaar 


Se photo's here >>

DCM Ultrasound screening

Today we have done DCM Ultrasound screening on Briska's Henna and Briska's Fanny and the results is OK and Normal value for the breed of Dobermann again 

Briska's Josh ZTP and activities in 2017

We are so proud of Sandra and her achivements with Briska's Josh in Germany. During 2017 she have done the goals that she had set.

ZTP with SG 1 A

Here you can find a Photo Collage from the ZTP in Germany>>

Here can you see photos and read about the J-litters results>>

Josh  1

Briska's Henna IPO 2

Today Ronnie and Briska's Henna did IPO 2 in SK Stehag in Sweden 

Thanks to judge: Jan Alqvist and Figurant: Roland Björkquist Henna IPO2

A:89 B:91 C:96 Total:276p

Looking Good :)

Tracking A
Tracking was very windy 12-20m/s. Se the youtube clip >>

Obidience B

Part 1>>

Part 2>>

Part 3>>

Protection work C 

Part 1>>

Part 2 Long attack >>

Briska's Henna IPO 1

Briska's Henna did her first try on IPO 1 yesterday.
Together with 3 of our training group memebers we entered the competion in SK Stehag. 

20170923_140408 (2)

See the protection work on this link >>
Congratulation Jimmy & Nikki, Sanna & Iza and John & Fabi for good results 
Thanks to judge: Eva Köhlström and the helper Robert Svensson.

Movie of Briska's Eddie in Training


Hard biting dobermann by Briska's Eddie >>

Eddie and Fanny is mated

Fanny and Eddie are now mated and the puppy will come within 63 days , hopefully   latest October 25 

Best friends <3

Briska's Fumi and her best friend Stijn   Looking good for the future !!

Thanks for the photo Elly 


Congratulation Elly and Rob :)

Today Briska's Hutch did a great work with IPO 2, Points 92-83-92

Thanks Elly for all pictures >>


Briska´s Bella ZTP video


This is Briska´s Bella mother of many good dogs in our breeding   here you can see her ZTP and Ronnie steped on her tail   best femaile ever with high drive   see the video here >>ztp

Briska´s Kaspar called Bowie

This weekend our dear friends from Norway come down and visit us. Briska´s Kaspar " Bowie" has grown up to a very beautiful dog and the training goes very well   


You can see more pictures of him here>>

Briska´s Karat


  This is Briska´s Karat and he lives in Sweden with Eva Glimmerdahl and her family. Karat is called "Choklad kakan" or as you say it in english choclate cake.

Karat is after Tequila von Utgard and Brasil von Hohenzollern and have a good personality.

Training mondoring with Eva and we looking forward to follow them in the future  

More pictures on Karat can you find here>>

Photos maid by fotografen @eriikajohansson




Briska´s Fanny approved the first step in "Rally lydnad" Rally obediance for starters

I am so proud of my Fanny that during 3 competitions got approved points 1)85p 2)89p 3)75p and mostly is it my fault that the point was going down   That happens when you get learning by youtube   Now we preparing for the next competition that is more difficult but exiting 

So proud of my Briska´s Fanny   New titel RLD N 



 More pictures can you see here >>>

Briska´s Hutch and our dear friend Rob made a fantastic IPO 1 today

I just want to say Congratulation Rob and Elly with your fantastic work with Briska´s Hutch.
And thanks for all the nice pictures that you sent over on the competition.
I just say respect when I see the results A:96 B:90 C:92 Total: 278p 


 Se more pictures on Hutch here>>



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