Briska´s Fanny approved the first step in "Rally lydnad" Rally obediance for starters

I am so proud of my Fanny that during 3 competitions got approved points 1)85p 2)89p 3)75p and mostly is it my fault that the point was going down   That happens when you get learning by youtube   Now we preparing for the next competition that is more difficult but exiting 

So proud of my Briska´s Fanny   New titel RLD N 



 More pictures can you see here >>>

Briska´s Hutch and our dear friend Rob made a fantastic IPO 1 today

I just want to say Congratulation Rob and Elly with your fantastic work with Briska´s Hutch.
And thanks for all the nice pictures that you sent over on the competition.
I just say respect when I see the results A:96 B:90 C:92 Total: 278p 


 Se more pictures on Hutch here>>


Love is in the air <3

We hope for puppies in July 2017 between Briska's Henna and Brasil Von Hohenzollern.

Today the love has been between them and now we just have to wait and see. The first signs will be seen within 30 days and if everything goes like plan, then the puppies will be born around the July 6 


If you are intressted in a puppy from us please fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as the puppies are born 

Puppy intressted formular

Rally competition in Höör with Fanny

Today we achived a good competition with Fanny <3 89 points and only some small issues on the way 

But we are pleased :)

Me and Fanny

Briska's Gathering day 1

Today we had an intense day with lots of training with Briska's dogs and their families. Here are the photos of today   Thanks to Elly Elsenar for all the great pictures    Looking forward to meet the Briskas family tomorrow again 


Vera and Briska's Fumi 

Here you can see the gatherings pictures>> 


Congratulations to Briska's D Litter today

They are today 9 years old   
There are some big stars in heaven also that we think of today with great love 

 Briskas Deniro valptrning_1

Briska's Deniro as a puppy 

Briska's Fanny first Obediance "Lydnad Startklass"

I am so proud of Fanny's engagement in the competion at Ronneby 
We was approved, but we missed the apport, so we need some more home training on that 

The highest score is 10 and today I was satisfied absolutely 

17862359_10155418143624767_3006724996913061373_n  984013_10155418229294767_826016919016054174_n

Briska's dogs fysical training

The summer is soon coming and we need to keep our dogs in good shape. Here you can follow the progress on the training of Briska's Dogs. Please follow us on YouTube 



Briska's Deniro is qualified to IDC IPO VM 2017

We say congratulation to Thomas Karlsson and Deniro that have qualified to Dobermann IDC IPO VM in May 20&21 in Italy, Castano Primo near by Milano. 

I found an old picture with the Master helper   Congratulations   Good work 


Briska's Josh in training

Briska's Josh togheter with Sandra on seminare, just love the picture   Good progress , looking forward to follow them 


Sportfotografie Titus 

Do you have a Briska's Dog ?

If you have a Briska's dog , please send in some pictures to me :

Thank you 

Briska's Chili <3

Here are some memory pictures of Briska's Chili. Owner was Marie Klevestav Fält.

10960198_843524932371941_3213280524562674945_o  10830822_843526695705098_5193697897606705443_o 

10993123_843526235705144_1384977659380104891_o  10830523_843527365705031_7608653069657131650_o 


Update on Briska's Lux photoalbum

Under each litter you can se pictures on our Briska's dogs, today I have updated new picturs for Briska's Lux. More updates will come   thank you Kari for the nice pictures 

Link to his fotoalbum>>



The year was 1976. My girlfriend Pia had a sister called Birgitta. She and her boyfriend Kent had bought a black dog from the breeder Gösta that lived in south of Stockholm.

One day asked Birgitta us if we would come with them and visit the breeder Gösta, they wanted to show him their puppy that had become youngster. By coincidence, had Gosta puppies just then (his second litter). The puppies were 8 weeks old and it was two females left in the litter.
Of course both Biritta and Kent thought that we would also buy a black dog. I had not noticed the name of the breed yet.

I and Pia was a little cautious about this because we have not been togheter for so long. During the following week, we talked a lot about the benefits and drawbacks. We finally took the decision to purchase the dog and we called and maked an appointment with Gösta next Saturday.

The big day arrived and we headed for Vagnhärad.
Once we were there and after a cup of coffee, we would choose the puppy.
We went into the puppy room and there were the two remaining puppies in the litter of six totally. I think he said that their name was, Birka and Briska.
The room was divided, so one could stand behind a low wall without being attacked and one of the puppies constantly insisted on our attention. That was Birka
She was always in the front and said, “Take me, take me”.
Birka did not allow Briska to go to us without clearly show this to Briska at every attempt she made to arrive.

Kind as Briska seemed, she sat almost constantly in the back of the room and peered with their eyes.
Birka was probably a bit too strong (dominant, which Gösta said) for us because we were beginners.
Since we have not had any experience with dogs“that my mother had had Collie when I was little, were not countable” we relied on Gösta and decided to by the Little puppie that was sitting at the back of the room.

We wrote some papers, paid 1500 SEK (today one would have to add a zero if you would have one dobermann) and stowed ourselves into my Bahamayellow VCC-62 (color had Picko Troberg brought from the United States) and headed towards Sollentuna.

We lived in apartment in 6th floor, and at the end of the walkway (beyond the family from Armenia who always had his kitchen window open and it always smelled damn food when went home).
Anyway so I locked up the front door dropped Briska on the hall floor, then something happens that makes Pia and I probably look like bird feeders in the face and just standing staring at each other.
The puppy who was sitting in the back of the puppy room and sat quietly in the lap of Pia throughout the trip home was like a toy as you pull up with a key.
She left the hall in high speed and ran straight through the livingroom and disappeared 90 degrees left into the bedroom.One would have thought that she had always lived in the bedroom. After a number of seconds, that was like forever, she come back but now she had my T-shirt in the mouth and she tried to kill it 

The following monday I went to the library and borrowed a dog book with all the world’s races. When I found the picture that corresponded to the images that Gosta had sent with the parents, I realized that now I have probably taken water over my head The rest is history.

One question?
How many of you had bought a Briska and not a Birka.
Had this happened today, I had obviously taken Birka.

Briska v Helle Graf Stamm became the Briska’s kennels by far the most qualified offspring, if this was me or Briska must we leave unsaid.

Thank you !!
Gösta Eklund for letting me buy Briska.

That is the story of the start of Briska’s Kennel that not is only the greatest Swedish dobermann kennel. That is the World famous Dobermann Kennel

Someone was looking at me 😂😂

When I was standing in the kitchen I just felt that someone was looking at me. She just sat there in the snow , like a statue 😍😍 Briska's Henna ❤❤




It doesn't matter if it snow outside

träning henna

No snow in the world can stop us from training   togeteher with the best training group on saturdays we have the possibility to train inside. It is wonderful 



Star is born in heaven

A Big star is born in the heaven and there are tears in my eyes 😢😢😢 Bella was one of a kind.. full of energy until the end😢 she will always be in our hearts. Thanks Tina Strand for taking care of her all these years  great hug from me and Ronnie. 

She hurt her leg yesterday and after that Tina took the hard decision that Bella became a star in heaven!! The GREATEST of them all  she became 11 years old 

Briska´s Bella 061207-170203 💔

Thanks Elly for creation of this picture 


Find pictures of our breed


Just a tip 

Under each litter you can find photos under the pedigree of the dogs 

If you own a Briska's Dog , please send in pictures to me and I will publish it on our new homepage 

Send in by adding me on Facebook >> or by email

New photos is uploaded

New Photos is uploaded for :
Briska's Dina 
Briska's Karat

You will find them under the Litter D,K and J 

Briska's Josh

Today we got good new's from Germany 

On Tuesday it was the official DOK eye examination.
Briska's Josh is PHTVL/PHPV clear
HD B, elbows 0/0
Spondylosis and wobbler clear.
vWD DNA free

Thank you for the good news Sandra 


Briska's Lux from ice cold Finland

Fashion 2017   thank you Kari for sharing
Our Briska's Lux is a super model in Finland



Briska's Kola

Briska's Kola walking with his owner Carina in the woods   Love his colour


Team Briska's jacket

  Team Briska's own kennel jacket , sponsored by Svenska Djurapoteket


Thank you Eva Glimmerdahl for nice pose   

Briska's Agnes

Beautiful Briska's Agnes is now 10 years old


L-litter is born

L litter is born between Briska’s Fanny & Eddie
Our own midsummer gift <3

All night we was up and took care of Fanny and her babies.
It was a special night the tunder and rain was over us when she having the puppies.

Fanny is an increadible mum , she take the responsibility of the puppies so serious so I have to drag her out of the crate sometimes  

She got 1 female and 3 males , all black and after the first 24 hours they have already increased the weight, good work Fanny 



K-litter is born

The K Litter is born 

Puppies are born between our Tequila von Utgard and Brasil von Hohenzollern the 13 june.

7 puppies , 1 female and 6 males (3 brown and 3 black )
Today they are 5 days old and growing to fast I think , I want them to be so small because I like puppies <3

Are you intressted in a puppy from us please send your story to my email,
We have 1 black and 1 brown left of the males


Puppies on the way in june

Next month we are expecting 2 exciting litters in our kennel


We happy to do the combination between Briska’s Fanny & Briska’s Eddie again. The last litter between them was a success and we looking forward to do that again.

Tequila von Utgaard are mated with Brasil Hohenzollern. One exciting combination to be and we looking forward to this litter.

Tequila is expecting a litter the 14 June and Briska’s Fanny the 24 June. We gonna have some cute puppies around our feets the hole summer 

Results 2011

26/3 , USA

Briskas Adam SchH-III 95-76-92

19 july , SK Uddevalla

Briskas Deniro Korning 498 p

17 july , Holland

Briskas Zabar Cacit Reijnaerttrofee : A93 B87 C90 Totalt 270p

14 may , Castano Primo Italy

Briskas Alex IDC VM A99 B93 C90 Totalt 282 p

30 april SK Assartorp

Briskas Chili BH

13 mars Belgium-Holland CUP

Briskas Zabar IPO3 A91, B90, C89 totalt 270p 

Results 2010


21 November Polen

Briskas Daniella IPO1 A95, B82, C87 totalt 264p

3 oktober Skurup, Sweden

Briskas Deniro IPO 3 A90, B85, C91 totalt 266p

18 juli Sollefteå, Sweden

Briskas Dixi IPO1 A90, B70, C70 totalt 230p

11 september Motala, Sweden

Briskas Ajax IPO1 A99, B96, C91. total 286p

5 september GHSV Harga.Europoort. Holland Judge R.van Eck

Briskas Zabar IPO3 A: 90 - B: 91 - C: 93 total 274p

8 augusti Sweden Championship Örebro

Briskas Deniro IPO3 A 71, B 80, C 81 total 232p 5 Place

26 July Breznice ( Czech-Republic)

Briskas Daniella IPO1 A 95, B 83, C 87. Total: 265p 3 place.

5 juni

Briskas Deniro IPO1 A 70, B 80, C 83 totalt 241p

CAC BDCB - Krgr Cerberus 09/05/2010 Holland

Briskas Zabar IPO3 A95, B74, C86a 255p

Cerberus Belgium

Briskas Zabar IPO 3 A80, B81, C96 total: 257p

20 mars Heiligenberg Tyskland domare Walter Schier

Briskas Alex IPO3 A99, B100, C97 totalt: 296 p

Results 2009


22 dec. Tyskland

Briskas Arrac VPG-3 A92, B87, C80. totalt 259p

29 nov. Brielle, Holland

Briskas Zabar IPO3 A 96, B 90, C 84 total 270 p

23 sept, Polen

Briskas Daniella past PT with 197/200 p

20 sept, Tyskland

Briskas Arcon past VPG1. A95, B75, C92. 262 p

13 july, Holland

Briskas Zosca IPO 3 A97, B81, C80. total 258p

12 july, Norge

Briskas Alex ZTP SG 1A dom: Thomas Brecht, från Tyskland

11 july, Norge

Briskas Alex IPO3 A 96, B 94, C 89 total 279p dom: Roar Kjönstad

17 may, Holland

Briskas Zabar IPO2 titel A 96, B 87, C 88 total 271 p

10 may, Holland

Briskas Zosca IPO3 A 99, B 83, C 90, totalt 272p

21 mars in Munchen, Tyskland

Briskas Alex IPO3 A 96, B 86, C91, total 273p

15 mars, Tyskland

Briskas Arrac VPG1 A 78p, B 86, C 90,total 254p

14 mars, Grote Maat trofe competition in Utrecht / Holland

Briskas Zosca IPO2 A97, B84, C79, total 260p



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