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Just a tip 

Under each litter you can find photos under the pedigree of the dogs 

If you own a Briska's Dog , please send in pictures to me and I will publish it on our new homepage 

Send in by adding me on Facebook >> or by email

New photos is uploaded

New Photos is uploaded for :
Briska's Dina 
Briska's Karat

You will find them under the Litter D,K and J 

Briska's Josh

Today we got good new's from Germany 

On Tuesday it was the official DOK eye examination.
Briska's Josh is PHTVL/PHPV clear
HD B, elbows 0/0
Spondylosis and wobbler clear.
vWD DNA free

Thank you for the good news Sandra 


Briska's Lux from ice cold Finland

Fashion 2017   thank you Kari for sharing
Our Briska's Lux is a super model in Finland



Briska's Kola

Briska's Kola walking with his owner Carina in the woods   Love his colour


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