Briska´s Bella ZTP video


This is Briska´s Bella mother of many good dogs in our breeding   here you can see her ZTP and Ronnie steped on her tail   best femaile ever with high drive   see the video here >>ztp

Briska´s Kaspar called Bowie

This weekend our dear friends from Norway come down and visit us. Briska´s Kaspar " Bowie" has grown up to a very beautiful dog and the training goes very well   


You can see more pictures of him here>>

Briska´s Karat


  This is Briska´s Karat and he lives in Sweden with Eva Glimmerdahl and her family. Karat is called "Choklad kakan" or as you say it in english choclate cake.

Karat is after Tequila von Utgard and Brasil von Hohenzollern and have a good personality.

Training mondoring with Eva and we looking forward to follow them in the future  

More pictures on Karat can you find here>>

Photos maid by fotografen @eriikajohansson




Briska´s Fanny approved the first step in "Rally lydnad" Rally obediance for starters

I am so proud of my Fanny that during 3 competitions got approved points 1)85p 2)89p 3)75p and mostly is it my fault that the point was going down   That happens when you get learning by youtube   Now we preparing for the next competition that is more difficult but exiting 

So proud of my Briska´s Fanny   New titel RLD N 



 More pictures can you see here >>>

Briska´s Hutch and our dear friend Rob made a fantastic IPO 1 today

I just want to say Congratulation Rob and Elly with your fantastic work with Briska´s Hutch.
And thanks for all the nice pictures that you sent over on the competition.
I just say respect when I see the results A:96 B:90 C:92 Total: 278p 


 Se more pictures on Hutch here>>


Love is in the air <3

We hope for puppies in July 2017 between Briska's Henna and Brasil Von Hohenzollern.

Today the love has been between them and now we just have to wait and see. The first signs will be seen within 30 days and if everything goes like plan, then the puppies will be born around the July 6 


If you are intressted in a puppy from us please fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as the puppies are born 

Puppy intressted formular

Rally competition in Höör with Fanny

Today we achived a good competition with Fanny <3 89 points and only some small issues on the way 

But we are pleased :)

Me and Fanny

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