The beginning

In 1977 I bought my first Doberman puppy, a bitch named Swedish Angekört Multichampion Briska von Hellegraf Stamm. Briska´s father was Multi champion Guy´s Hilo von Norden Stamm, and her mother was Swedish Angekört Anka Asandra von Hellegraf Stamm. Briska was an excellent tracking and obedience dog. She competed in the most advanced class in tracking, as well as in search and rescue. Briska also achieved the title Swedish Obedience Champion. 

Briska was the mother of my A-, B- and C-litter. The father of the A-litter was Argus von Nymphenburg, the father of the B-litter was Onyx von Hernberg, and the father of the C-litter was Doberhill Black Ferro.  

In the A-litter, the male Briska´s Ascot achieved the title Nordic Sledge Pulling Champion. The male Briska’s Adam passed the Swedish Police Test, and became one of the best security dogs in Sweden. The bitch Briska´s Aniara competed in the most advanced class in search and rescue, and the bitch Briska´s Amulette became an excellent show dog. Both bitches passed the Swedish Körung. 

In the B-litter, Briska´s Bri-Binna competed in tracking, passed the Swedish Körung with an excellent result, as well asachieved the title Swedish Show Champion. Later, Bri Binna became the mother of my F-litter. 

The C-litter consisted of only one dog, Briska´s Cirrus, a male who passed the Swedish Körung.

When Briska von Hellegraf Stamm was 8 years old, I decided to mate Briska´s Bri-Binna in the intention of producing my next competition dog, a male. As the father, I had chosen Ceasar vd Klingenstath, a son of Bingo von Ellendonk.

The dogs in the F-litter were mentally of excellent quality. The puppy I kept as my new competition dog was named Briska´s Fabian-Filur. Fabian passed the Swedish Körung with one of the highest markings ever in Sweden, and most of his brothers and sisters in the litter also passed the Swedish Körung. Fabian achieved the titles Swedish Working Champion in tracking, Swedish Obedience Champion and Swedish Sledge Pulling Champion. In 1992, he won the title Best Dobermann in Sweden.  

In 1996, I for breeding purposes imported three bitches to the kennel, one adult and two puppies. The adult bitch was Divino´s Madonna, who was four years old and born in Finland, and the two puppies were Swedish Angekört IPO II Biene von der Doberwache, born in Germany, and Jotunheim´s Signe, born in Denmark.

Divino´s Madonna passed the Swedish Police Test with an excellent result. She was one of the best bitch the police in Sweden ever had tested, all races of dogs included. Madonna worked as a security dog, and later became the mother of my P-litter.   

The father of Swedish Angekört IPO II Biene von der Doberwache is  SchH III IPO III Gero von der Mooreiche, and the mother is SchH III IPO III  IDC- Worldchampion Kleo von der Weyermuhle.

In 1996, Kleo von der Weyermuhle won the IPO World Championship. Apart from being a competition dog, Kleo, as one of very few dobermanns, worked as Identity dog for the German Police. Kleo von der Weyermuhle is the mother of several IPO III and German Police dogs. One of those is Doberwaches Amazon, a German Anti-terrorist Dog, who after his training for the Police Dog examination succeeded to be an excellent IPO competition dog and did achieve the maximum 100 points in the protection part in IPO.

In 1996, when I was President of the Swedish Dobermann Club, we arranged the first IPO competition in the history of the Swedish Dobermann Club. The same year, I passed the examination and became a licensed figurant of IPO competitions. Since earlier, I already was a licensed guide of the Swedish Körung, and a licensed judge of the Swedish Mental Description for dogs.

The goal of Kennel Briska´s is to breed excellent working dogs, by using the best blood lines of Dobermans in Europa.

Dog Purchase that became a world famous Dobermann Kennel

The year was 1976. My girlfriend Pia had a sister called Birgitta. She and her boyfriend Kent had bought a black dog from the breeder Gösta that lived in south of Stockholm.

One day asked Birgitta us if we would come with them and visit the breeder Gösta, they wanted to show him their puppy that had become youngster. By coincidence, had Gosta puppies just then (his second litter). The puppies were 8 weeks old and it was two females left in the litter.
Of course both Biritta and Kent thought that we would also buy a black dog. I had not noticed the name of the breed yet.

I and Pia was a little cautious about this because we have not been togheter for so long. During the following week, we talked a lot about the benefits and drawbacks. We finally took the decision to purchase the dog and we called and maked an appointment with Gösta next Saturday.

The big day arrived and we headed for Vagnhärad.
Once we were there and after a cup of coffee, we would choose the puppy.
We went into the puppy room and there were the two remaining puppies in the litter of six totally. I think he said that their name was, Birka and Briska.
The room was divided, so one could stand behind a low wall without being attacked and one of the puppies constantly insisted on our attention. That was Birka 
She was always in the front and said, “Take me, take me”.
Birka did not allow Briska to go to us without clearly show this to Briska at every attempt she made to arrive.

Kind as Briska seemed, she sat almost constantly in the back of the room and peered with their eyes.
Birka was probably a bit too strong (dominant, which Gösta said) for us because we were beginners.
Since we have not had any experience with dogs“that my mother had had Collie when I was little, were not countable” we relied on Gösta and decided to by the Little puppie that was sitting at the back of the room.

We wrote some papers, paid 1500 SEK (today one would have to add a zero if you would have one dobermann) and stowed ourselves into my Bahamayellow VCC-62 (color had Picko Troberg brought from the United States) and headed towards Sollentuna.

We lived in apartment in 6th floor, and at the end of the walkway (beyond the family from Armenia who always had his kitchen window open and it always smelled damn food when went home).
Anyway so I locked up the front door dropped Briska on the hall floor, then something happens that makes Pia and I probably look like bird feeders in the face and just standing staring at each other.
The puppy who was sitting in the back of the puppy room and sat quietly in the lap of Pia throughout the trip home was like a toy as you pull up with a key.
She left the hall in high speed and ran straight through the livingroom and disappeared 90 degrees left into the bedroom.One would have thought that she had always lived in the bedroom. After a number of seconds, that was like forever, she come back but now she had my T-shirt in the mouth and she tried to kill it 

The following monday I went to the library and borrowed a dog book with all the world’s races. When I found the picture that corresponded to the images that Gosta had sent with the parents, I realized that now I have probably taken water over my head The rest is history.

One question?
How many of you had bought a Briska and not a Birka.
Had this happened today, I had obviously taken Birka.

Briska v Helle Graf Stamm became the Briska’s kennels by far the most qualified offspring, if this was me or Briska must we leave unsaid.

Thank you !!
Gösta Eklund for letting me buy Briska.

That is the story of the start of Briska’s Kennel that not is only the greatest Swedish dobermann kennel.
That is the World famous Dobermann Kennel