Q litter was born: 2022-02-25
After Molly Dina BH, ZTP V1A & Riaan vd Burgstätte ZTP SG 1A ” Owner Sandra Buschky in Germany “

Briska’s QvintusMaleBrownBooked to Germany
Briska’s QuattroMaleBlack Booked to Sweden
Briska’s QuintMaleBlack
Briska’s QuandoMaleBlack
Briska’s QaisaFemaleBlackBooked to Germany / USA
Briska’s QaxaFemaleBlackBooked to Denmark
Briska’s QleoFemaleBrownBooked to Germany / USA
Briska’s QiaFemaleBrownTina Strand, Boden in Sweden
Briska’s QueenyFemaleBrownBooked to Poland